Introducing the 2017 BARC Score for Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

Data as a Differentiator

Game, Set, and Match: What Wimbledon Teaches Us About Democratising Data

GDPR, The Right to Be Forgotten, and Data Management

What Is Progressive Data Management?

5 WORST Performance Management Practices!

Bob Jude Ferrante's picture
Bob Jude Ferrante | februari 15, 2017

To run our organization, we devise a strategy. It tells us what to watch, what to change, and what to leave alone, so we know how to succeed. Our strategy meeting is a chance to discuss strategy effectiveness. We review what we did, what we need to do next, and most of all: What we need to stop...

Summit 2017: Going Deep in the Heart of Data

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Terri White | februari 15, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the round-up of exciting and informative sessions that will take place at our educational event of the year: Summit 2017, June 5-8 in Grapevine, Texas. Whether you’re looking to recharge your data strategy or sharpen your analytics skills, there’s something for everyone...

Is Your Data Getting Enough TLC?

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Beth Adams | februari 14, 2017

Whether it’s receiving a dozen long-stemmed roses, sharing a bottle of fine champagne, or enjoying a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant, Valentine’s Day is all about pampering and getting pampered by the person you love most. But before you rush off to the flower stand or call the maître d’...

Agile BI Without Shadow IT

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Jake Freivald | februari 10, 2017

According to a recent Forrester survey, industry leaders invest 38 percent more of their IT budgets in business intelligence (BI) than their competitors, and nearly half of these companies obtain a double-digit return on their BI investments. Clearly, large investments in business intelligence pay...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Omni-Gen?

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Dennis McLaughlin | februari 07, 2017

Oftentimes, organizations try to utilize their data to take advantage of opportunities, but come up short. There are several reasons this could happen. Perhaps the data is incomplete, broken or lacks ownership. Maybe it’s duplicated across a variety of systems. With Omni-Gen, business users can tap...