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A DPO’s-Eye Vew of GDPR

Anil Kumar's picture
Anil Kumar | mei 16, 2018

One of the first things people tend to ask when making introductions is "What do you do for a living?". When I’m chatting to someone in a bar or at a dinner party and this question comes up, I reply that, as well as being a finance director, I’m a data protection officer (DPO). Then I wait a beat...

New! Omni-Gen for Supplier

Beth Adams's picture
Beth Adams | mei 09, 2018

Businesses need a broad view of their vendors and suppliers and those relationships with the business in order to operate at maximum efficiency. For example: Supply-chain departments must ensure on-time delivery of goods and guarantee maximum supply-chain efficiency. There needs to be complete...

5 Cool Things You Can Do in the WebFOCUS BUE Free Trial

Andy McCartney's picture
Andy McCartney | mei 08, 2018

Have you signed up for Information Builders' WebFOCUS Business User Edition (BUE) 14-day trial? If not, I'm here to encourage you to do so: click HERE to request a trial log-in). If you have already signed up, and are looking for more ways to explore and experiment, I have some...

GDPR: Avoiding Master Data Management Pitfalls

James Cotton's picture
James Cotton | mei 08, 2018

The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation might be a new piece of legislation, but at heart, it’s an exercise in good old-fashioned data management, with master data management (MDM) playing an important part. MDM is essentially a collection of practices, processes, and technologies that...

Get Social for #IBSummit with #RT2Win

Samantha Ortolani's picture
Samantha Ortolani | mei 07, 2018

In a couple of weeks, we’re off to the Sunshine State for our award winning annual Summit User Conference, taking place May 22-25 at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek! This year, we’ve packed more than 130 sessions into four amazing days designed to help refresh and recharge your...

Gaining Valuable Insights for Asset Management

Jon M. Deutsch's picture
Jon M. Deutsch | mei 03, 2018

Portfolio management, as we all can agree, is a complex process that relies on extensive research both pre- and post-trade to generate hidden alpha for investors. This requires enormous amounts of data integration while maintaining high fidelity constantly throughout the process to accurately...

Factors for Success in Operational Business Intelligence

Andy McCartney's picture
Andy McCartney | mei 14, 2018

Here at Information Builders one of our core competencies is to support operational BI, by allowing thousands of internal and external users to access and analyze operational data. We provide several mechanisms for non-technical frontline workers to generate their own reports and analyses in the...

Show Me the Data Viz!

Gerald Cohen's picture
Gerald Cohen | april 27, 2018

This year at our annual Summit User Conference, we’re exploring data and analytics in the connected new world – and we want to hear, and see, how your organization is connecting the data dots to push your mission forward. So, for the third consecutive year, we’re asking Information Builders'...