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Interactive eStatement Analytics for Customers

Jon M. Deutsch's picture
Jon M. Deutsch | april 09, 2014

These days, customers are demanding more self-service digital services and insight from their retail and merchant banks. The ability to deliver insight to customers not only provides important advantages and differentiates the bank, but can attract, acquire and retain a younger clientele. ‘Insight...

Back-to-Back Gartner Summits Create Momentum for 2014

Jeremy Ballanco's picture
Jeremy Ballanco | april 08, 2014

Working in Vegas is hard! The Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit kicked off at the end of the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit last week, and Information Builders hosted a “Build Your Own Martini” hospitality suite to transition between shows...

The Countdown Is On! Are You Ready for #IBSummit 2014?

Kathleen Moran's picture
Kathleen Moran | april 07, 2014

We’ve officially kicked off the countdown to Summit 2014, our annual user conference, and we could not be more excited! And it’s not just because we’re looking forward to the sunny Florida weather—we can’t wait to reunite with our customers, partners, analyst contacts and other industry influencers...

The data impact of smart metering

James Cotton's picture
James Cotton | april 21, 2014

Smart meters are the next generation of utility meters, giving consumers and energy companies much greater insight into electricity and gas usage. They are primary examples of the much discussed 'Internet of Things'; the phrase to represent the increasing number of connected sensors built into...

Don’t care what others think? Think again.

Dan Grady's picture
Dan Grady | maart 20, 2014

Growing up, many of us were told, “It doesn’t matter what others think, just be yourself.”  At a personal level that may be true, but at a business level, this is not sound advice.  Of course we need the trail blazing visionaries who won’t take no for an answer and break down barriers...

The Gladness and Sadness of March Madness

Dan Grady's picture
Dan Grady | maart 18, 2014

March is my favorite month.  The weather starts to warm up (well, at least it used to). We honor St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to double as my anniversary. My eldest daughter was born in March. And in addition to all these personal milestones and celebrations, March plays host to my...

Are You One of the Wise People in the Crowd?

Jake Freivald's picture
Jake Freivald | maart 12, 2014

If you are, you'll want to take Howard Dresner's "Wisdom of Crowds" survey. It's only about 15-30 minutes to complete, and for your trouble you'll receive a free copy of the findings. It's a valuable report, too, which makes the time you spend worth it. Howard Dresner, the former Gartner analyst...

What Do Lego and BI Platforms Have in Common?

Dan Grady's picture
Dan Grady | maart 10, 2014

This weekend we took my girls to a birthday party.  These kid’s parties have become significantly less fun since the day I was deemed too tall for the ball pit and too heavy for the inflatable bouncy houses.  But this party was different because I brought The Lego Movie to entertain a...