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Understanding the Sentiment of Written Communications

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Rado Kotorov | april 24, 2012

  Politicians understand the importance of understanding the feelings of voters on key topics. What matters is not only whether voters are for or against a particular issue, but also how passionate they are about their stand. Knowledge of the emotional intensity can help politicians forge...

Big Data? Or a Different Big Idea?

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Jake Freivald | april 12, 2012

Derrick Harris at GigaOm had an interesting post yesterday, talking about "How the cloud could bring big data to your local deli". Yes, I think the title is hyperbolic, but probably not by much. Here's the central truth to the article: Some companies will build new business models around collecting...

Gartner Celebrates 10th Anniversary of BI Conference

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Rado Kotorov | april 09, 2012

I just returned from the Gartner BI conference in LA. This is the premier BI event, where analysts, vendors, and existing and new BI users discuss industry trends, best practices, emerging technologies, and new business models.  The conversations that took place spanned everything from how BI...

Q&A with Michael Corcoran, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

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Terri White | april 02, 2012

I sat down with Michael Corcoran, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Information Builders, for a little Q&A on what’s behind the  integrated messaging that was unveiled recently on Information Builders’ website. TW: So how do you feel about triangles? MC: In geometry, I am not such a fan...

Step Into the BI Time Machine

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Kathleen Moran | maart 12, 2012

Did you know that it’s been more than 50 years since IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn first defined business intelligence (BI)? Or that its been more than ten years since we launched iWay Software? We were feeling a little nostalgic and thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane so we...

Scotiabank: Another Successful iWay Customer

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Kathleen Moran | februari 22, 2012

Today Integration Developer News featured the success story of our customer, Scotiabank. Scotiabank is using iWay to improve efficiency and customer loyalty while increasing revenue. In fact, the bank—one of the largest in Canada—has plans to generate $250 million in new business as a result of its...

Market Ruminations From the BI Magic Quadrant

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Jake Freivald | februari 16, 2012

The BI Magic Quadrant that Gartner published last week is pretty interesting. (You can download it here.) Of course, we vendors like to see it from a competitive basis, and that's interesting too -- we're a leader, and you can bet that we'll be talking about that this year! -- but some of the...

The Gartner BI Magic Quadrant

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Jake Freivald | februari 15, 2012

Gartner published the new Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms last week. We're proud to be a leader, and it's really interesting to read all of the strengths and cautions of the various vendors. We're proudest of this comment: "Overall customer experience ratings, including product...

Putting the Bling into Valentine’s Day

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Kathleen Moran | februari 14, 2012

Helzberg Diamonds Make BI Shine Most great businesses have a unique story that typifies their success. For our customer, Helzberg Diamonds, that story began in 1915 when Moris Helzberg opened his first store in Kansas City, Kansas. The company embraced quality early on, and in 1930 it pioneered the...