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Using BI to Improve Customers’ Online Experiences: Part 2

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Kathleen Moran | januari 30, 2012

In my previous post we took a look at how Jobs2Web is giving its customers a competitive advantage by extending data analysis capabilities to its customers. What a great way to increase loyalty! Continuing our coverage of this hot topic, we issued  a press release last week on how iovation a...

Using BI to Improve Customers’ Online Experiences: Part 1

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Kathleen Moran | januari 24, 2012

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be celebrating the ways our customers are improving the online experiences of their customers by extending data analysis capabilities outside of the enterprise. This is emerging as an increasingly important tool in today’s competitive business landscape and we...

Selling Smarter with Business Intelligence

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Kathleen Moran | januari 17, 2012

With the 101st anniversary of NRF happening this week just down the street from our headquarters in NYC,  we’d like to take a closer look at some BI industry trends and how our customers have put those technologies into practice. Optimizing Inventory Helzberg Diamonds, a fine jewelry retailer...

Some Predictions for 2012

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Jake Freivald | januari 06, 2012

At the end of the first full week of the new year, I thought I'd share some thoughts about where the business intelligence industry is headed in 2012. (Yeah, I know, I should be talking about integration and data integrity as well -- more on them in a future post.) 2011 saw a bunch of innovations...

Strengthening Customer Trust through BI

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Jake Freivald | december 02, 2011

Recently I contributed an article to DestinationCRM where I examined how and why companies could strengthen their bonds with customers utilizing business intelligence. It’s a topic that bears further examination and something we as a company will devote significant attention to in the year ahead....

Three questions. Five weeks. Ten mobile devices.

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Jake Freivald | december 02, 2011

If you know Information Builders, you know that we've always emphasized the need for cross-platform, cross-database, cross-everything capabilities. In the world of iPads and Androids, that translates into cross-device capabilities for mobile business intelligence. To highlight our ability to...

Predictive Analytics and Business Modeling

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Jake Freivald | november 14, 2011

Information Management has a good article by Fern Halper of Hurwitz & Associates that talks about the "Top 5 Trends in Predictive Analytics". I won't rehash what it says -- besides, they need their advertising revenue, so go ahead and click over -- but I wanted to pay special note to the...

The Convergence of Business Analytics and Enterprise Search

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Kevin R. Quinn | november 07, 2011

In most organizations today, the use of multi-structured data – data that exists in a variety of different formats – is rapidly increasing.  The ability to access and analyze as many of these types of information as possible is the key to making the smartest, most informed decisions.  ...

Worst Practices in Predictive Analytics

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Bruce Kolodziej | oktober 28, 2011

Why Some Predictive Analytics Strategies Succeed – And Others Don’t Ever wonder why so many companies sing the praises of predictive analytics, yet a few will claim that it was a waste of their time and money?  More and more organizations are giving predictive analytics a try, in an effort to...

The BI Academy is off to a Great Start!

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Jake Freivald | oktober 20, 2011

We've brought together industry experts with our experts to create a webcast series for people who are interested in learning more about key business intelligence issues, ranging from search and data architecture to business analytics and customer-facing BI. The first session has already been...