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If You're Wrong, Can I Blame You? Please?

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Jake Freivald | augustus 06, 2012

The inspiration for this post is an excellent, brief article by Mark Hermann at Above the Law called The Unfairness of "Are You Sure?". Here's a sample: I don’t think his companion was actually asking whether he was sure; she knew that he was uncertain [despite having a map]. Rather, his companion...

The Price of Data isn't the Value of a Relationship

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Jake Freivald | augustus 01, 2012

Over on the SAP blog, Irfan Khan did us the kindness of linking to our "Data is the New Diamond" newsletter. He misses the point, though: I disagree with the cozy comparison between data and commodities. I have lots of logical arguments that undermine the comparison. The most obvious is that oil...

Olympic Hopefuls?

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Jake Freivald | juli 31, 2012

"The government wants to say that not only are we going to have a good time with this event, but it's also going to make us rich," [University of Michigan professor of sports management Stefan] Szymanski said. "And that's just not true." That's a quote from a great little article by Charles Riley...

Is Hosting the Olympics a WIN?

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Kathleen Moran | juli 26, 2012

Like everyone, we here at Information Builders have been getting excited for the Olympics. The drama, the talented athletes, the international stage – it all makes for two-plus weeks of great viewing. I’ll certainly be tuning in to watch my favorite events – I am a huge fan of gymnastics and can’...

WebFOCUS Leading the Way

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Kathleen Moran | juli 25, 2012

Last week, Forrester published its latest Forrester Wave for Advanced Data Visualization (ADV) Platforms and I’m excited to share that WebFOCUS was recognized as a leading platform in the space. It will likely come as little surprise to our users that Forrester named Visual Discovery the “hidden...

Will More Modeling Increase Adoption Rates?

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Jake Freivald | juli 19, 2012

Doug Henschen talks about the BI market at InformationWeek. His commentary is driven by a Constellation Research report authored by Neil Raden (who is now back on his own as frontman of Hired Brains) and an IDC BI and Analytics market share report. I should start by noting that I didn't read Neil's...

Data Is the New Diamond

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Michael Corcoran | juli 17, 2012

An engagement ring traditionally is a sign of love and long-term fidelity. If you want the business equivalent – loyal customers who wouldn't dream of going elsewhere – then data is the new diamond. Many of our clients have found that providing consistent, accurate and information-rich customer...

A few definitions of Business Intelligence terms

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Jake Freivald | juli 12, 2012

Michael Koploy over at Software Advice gathered together the collective opinions of five business intelligence (BI) experts to provide common sense definitions of business intelligence buzzwords. That's a great idea -- Lord knows this industry could use some simplification. Since he went for...

Celebrating our Customers at Summit 2012

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Terri White | juni 15, 2012

Information Builders prides itself on having great relationships with its customers. When it comes to customer care, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. It’s one of the things that make us stand out and drives us to continually improve – we genuinely want to see our customers succeed....

Flat Gerry Winners “Flattered” at Summit!

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Terri White | juni 05, 2012

Yesterday was a busy day at Summit. In addition to all of the conversations we blogged about we also announced the winners of our “Flat Gerry” contest. We launched this contest as a way to hear first-hand what our customers are doing with our technology, and to learn more about how it helps...