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Reflections on Innovations

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Rado Kotorov | februari 22, 2011

Innovation is the buzzword today.  Government officials, executives, management gurus, scientists, teachers, and others all point to innovation as a key component in solving numerous personal and professional problems and achieving continued success and prosperity.  Upon reflection on the...


Thoughts from TDWI

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Jake Freivald | februari 18, 2011

TDWI held a great event in Las Vegas this week. Here are a few thoughts that struck me: People are hungry for use cases. For instance, if you mention "Pervasive BI", a lot of them will indicate that that's important to them. Ask them what they know about it, and they'll talk about putting tools...

Boosting ROI from BI – Turn It Inside Out!

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Kevin R. Quinn | februari 09, 2011

Google the phrase “ROI for business intelligence”.  Eight out of the first ten results discuss how difficult companies find it to place a value on their BI implementations. They mention vague benefits like “we have faster access to information” or “we can get information we never had before”....

Ad hoc is Evil and It Must Be Eliminated!

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Kevin R. Quinn | februari 08, 2011

I recently gave a presentation on BI implementations to an audience of both IT and business professionals.  As I claimed, “Ad hoc is evil and it must be eliminated”, I drew some startled looks – and a few chuckles – from the crowd.  Imagine what they really thought when I told them I wasn...

Data Governance as a One-Time Effort?

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Jake Freivald | februari 04, 2011

Loraine Lawson at ITBusinessEdge caught my eye with a post called, "Data Governance in Silos? Bad Idea." I love the title. We have to constantly fight the idea that data cleansing is something that happens on the way to the data warehouse -- it's better to create a data quality firewall and prevent...

20/20 Vision and Strategic Differentiation

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Jake Freivald | februari 03, 2011

“20/20 vision” is nominal performance for human sight: Some people are better, some worse, but most people are pretty close – and when we say someone has 20/20 vision, we usually mean they see pretty well. Unfortunately, “20/20” is also nominal performance for businesses’ use of information, and it...

A Business Perspective on MDM and Process Integration

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Jake Freivald | februari 02, 2011

Recently, right before we launched the blog, SearchDataManagement editor Mark Brunelli published an interview of Forrester Research’s Rob Karel titled, “Expect a greater focus on MDM and business process alignment in 2011.” In one of the best bits, Karel said, “[There’s] this mismatch, this chasm...

Let's Talk About Making Your Systems Talk

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Jake Freivald | februari 02, 2011

When non-technical people ask me what Information Builders does, I tell them we make systems talk. When systems talk to each other, that’s integration, or our iWay Software product line; when they talk to people, that’s business intelligence and analytics, or our WebFOCUS product line. (That’s an...