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New Research Brief Visualizes Information Gaps

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Terri White | augustus 20, 2013

Ask anyone on the street if information management is critical to aligning strategic business goals with operations, and I’d bet a ham sandwich that they will say YES. It’s kinda like asking if eating vegetables (not ham sandwiches) is critical to a healthy lifestyle. (I really shouldn’t blog when...

Want Trust? Stop Being Creepy with Big Data

Jake Freivald's picture
Jake Freivald | augustus 16, 2013

"Can corporations, government, and their data continue to grow bigger without relationships and trust growing smaller?" That's the question posed by Robert Hall, a consultant and "relationship speaker" (is that anything like a horse whisperer?), on the Huffington Post yesterday. The answer...

Data Nugget Thursdays

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Kathleen Moran | augustus 14, 2013

Did you catch the news around our Information Capital Survey? We here at Information Builders were curious about the State of Information Capital across industries and geographies. For example, how do companies share information? Who in the company is privy to the latest data? Which BI tools...

Searching for Answers with U2

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Dan Grady | augustus 13, 2013

I have been traveling across North America speaking about the challenges and opportunities that hot technology trends present to all of us. The topics include Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, Predictive Analytics, and Mobile, to name a few. I have also been discussing the impact of these trends on...

More Evidence That Information is Capital

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Rado Kotorov | augustus 01, 2013

While researching online, I discovered a notable, and memorable, article written by Bloomberg Businessweek titled, “The Rise of the Intangible Economy: U.S. GDP Counts R&D, Artistic Creation.” The piece describes a remarkable change of course by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, which will...

The Future’s So Bright for BI

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Terri White | juli 31, 2013

Business intelligence (BI) technology is in a very interesting and unique position right now. First, we have the convergence of tech mega trends mobile, social media, and cloud. Second, we have business applications and enterprise data that help us run the business and innovate. And third, we have...

How are you Managing Your Information Assets?

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Dan Carotenuto | juli 09, 2013

A recent global research study by Information Builders and IDG Research Services uncovered some disturbing trends in information management:   “Companies are aware of the transformative power of using enterprise information management and analytics to align strategy and resources, but are...

Gartner Analyst Ted Friedman Talks Data Quality at Summit

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Jeremy Ballanco | juni 10, 2013

We made a very important announcement at Summit this year on our release of the iWay 7 Information Asset Management Platform. And who better to be there to witness it firsthand but Ted Friedman, VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, who specializes in information management technologies....

Summit Wrap Up: A Big Thank You, Ask Gerry & Global a Go-Go

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Terri White | juni 10, 2013

Summit 2013 in Orlando is a wrap. By all accounts, it was a superb, well-orchestrated, fun and educational event. The crowd was enthusiastic and full of positivity. Information Builders staffers (including myself) were pumped up and eager to get to know our customers better. We take great pride on...