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Data as a Differentiator

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What Is Progressive Data Management?

Big Ideas for Small Devices

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Kathleen Moran | maart 09, 2011

Customers Lead the Way with Mobile BI Breakthroughs As many of you may know, we've been in the business of software for over 35 years, helping people to forge connections and make decisions. Over the years, the numerous computing platforms and device form factors have changed quite significantly....

Mobile Computing Re-kindles An Old Dilemma

Michael Corcoran's picture
Michael Corcoran | maart 01, 2011

Platform independent software:  It is the dream of the IT executive in any sizeable company and it has always been the software development mantra here at Information Builders.  While the proliferation of web-based computing had delivered us all to a world of contentment where computing...

Business as a Battlefield—Are Your Troops Armed?

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Rado Kotorov | februari 25, 2011

The Baltimore Sun had an interesting article recently on a new breed of business consulting: Companies that use historic battlefields to illustrate the challenges facing today’s enterprises. Businesses and battlefields? The two may not seem closely linked initially but, after thinking about it,...

Notes regarding today's SAP announcements

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Jake Freivald | februari 23, 2011

Today's BI4 announcement was interesting and worthwhile listening. When SAP speaks, everyone should listen -- but not without a healthy dose of skepticism. ---- For example, listen to them when they say (through marketing guru Geoffrey Moore) that the future of business is global, mobile, social...

Reflections on Innovations

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Rado Kotorov | februari 22, 2011

Innovation is the buzzword today.  Government officials, executives, management gurus, scientists, teachers, and others all point to innovation as a key component in solving numerous personal and professional problems and achieving continued success and prosperity.  Upon reflection on the...


Thoughts from TDWI

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Jake Freivald | februari 18, 2011

TDWI held a great event in Las Vegas this week. Here are a few thoughts that struck me: People are hungry for use cases. For instance, if you mention "Pervasive BI", a lot of them will indicate that that's important to them. Ask them what they know about it, and they'll talk about putting tools...

Boosting ROI from BI – Turn It Inside Out!

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Kevin R. Quinn | februari 09, 2011

Google the phrase “ROI for business intelligence”.  Eight out of the first ten results discuss how difficult companies find it to place a value on their BI implementations. They mention vague benefits like “we have faster access to information” or “we can get information we never had before”....