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Data as a Differentiator

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Infographic: 4 Elements You Need to Make Your Big Data Strategy Succeed

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Beth Adams | april 26, 2017

Have you considered why you are using Hadoop in your organization? Think about your use case. Can it be addressed by a traditional data warehouse? If not, are you injecting too much complexity into a simple-to-solve solution? Remember, Hadoop is difficult to work with — a common challenge for users...

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Information Builders

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Chris Boylan | april 21, 2017

Working at a tech company for more than a few years is the exception, not the rule. When I tell people I've been at Information Builders for nearly 27 years, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. People ask, "Why would you stay in one place for so long?" But once I explain, the next question is usually...

DataOps in the Real World

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Toph Whitmore | april 21, 2017

Spring has sprung (finally, though only briefly here in Canada), which means it’s webinar and publishing season! And that makes for a busy month in the DataOps world. Upcoming Webinar On Thursday, April 27, I'll be teaming up with Information Builders VP of Product Marketing Jake Freivald for a...

The Data Governance Balancing Act

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Beth Adams | april 20, 2017

Employees and stakeholders need key pieces of information to do their jobs. Self-service and data discovery tools can help, but if you let people access any data they want to, they’ll start poking around where they don’t belong. They also might bring in data of doubtful quality and unknown origin,...

Ask the Experts Series: What is RStat?

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Bruce Kolodziej | april 18, 2017

Imagine if you could avoid having to purchase and maintain multiple tools for BI, data modeling, and scoring? With WebFOCUS RStat, you can. This completely integrated data mining environment allows users to build and deploy predictive models seamlessly. In turn, organizations can be more proactive...

Ask the Experts Series: What is Predictive Analytics?

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Chris Banks | april 11, 2017

When embedding business intelligence (BI) in your organization, don’t overlook the importance of predictive analytics. This particular form of analytics allows for forward-looking planning, enabling companies to adjust their current strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes. Using specific...

Talking to Your Data: In 1975, and Today

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Gerald Cohen | april 06, 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on a business radio program, and the host brought up something that has been on my mind ever since. He shared that Bill Gates once said the most important product in technology development is the mindset. That got me thinking about Information Builders...