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Introducing the 2017 BARC Score for Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

Data as a Differentiator

GDPR, The Right to Be Forgotten, and Data Management

On Tour with Actionable Analytics

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Terri White | september 21, 2017

I like to say that data is a verb. It’s not static, it flows. When it’s working for you, it creates insights that drive decisions that cause change and propel your organization toward its full potential. There are many exciting ways to help your data work harder for you, so were to start? That’s...

Data as a Differentiator

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Peter Walker | september 18, 2017

As we head towards the final quarter of 2017, we start to reflect on the key themes of the year. Connected devices, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are having an impact on every sector, from banking and manufacturing, to retail and healthcare. Gartner has predicted that 8.4...

How IoT and Big Data Can Help Organizations Achieve Success

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Beth Adams | september 06, 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) looks to be the wave of the future. It's in your organization's best interest to be in line with the trends that can they can capitalize for growth. First, what is IoT? IoT is physical devices and objects, as well as the electronics, software, sensors, and network...

Customers Praise our Self-Service Capabilities in New G2 Report

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Kathleen Moran | september 06, 2017

On the heels of our positioning in the Leader's Quadrant of the G2 BI Platforms Grid℠ we have another honor to share- we've also been ranked as a Leader in G2's Summer 2017 Grid for Self-Service BI! The recognition is based entirely on customer feedback and WebFOCUS reviews, and demonstrates that...

Adopting a 'Back-to-School' Mentality to Data and Analytics

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Andy McCartney | september 05, 2017

Many in the world are concluding their annual preparation for getting kids back to school, refreshing supplies of clothes, shoes, books and back packs. Perhaps it is also a time to stand back and consider refreshing your perspective on data, its origins, and its value. We are living in a world of...

Data Monetization Should Be on Everyone's Radar

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Andy McCartney | september 04, 2017

Whether you realize it or not, there is significant financial value locked within your enterprise systems and data repositories. The recent explosion of big data coming from sources such as mobile, social media, devices, and the cloud present even more opportunities for your organization to exploit...

Information Builders Magazine: Read It and Win!

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Kathleen Moran | augustus 31, 2017

This week we sent out the latest edition of the Information Builders Magazine. Highlights include an interview with Ventana Research’s David Menninger, thoughts from our CMO, Michael Corcoran, on how the IoT is driving value from big data investments, and profiles of numerous customers including...

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools 2017

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Jake Freivald | augustus 30, 2017

I don't normally do this, but I'm going to quote the entire first paragraph of the "Context" section of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. In 2016, we stated that data integration requirements had become so onerous that applications should no longer be permitted to be silos first...