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Flipping the Facebook Iceberg

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Peter Walker | april 19, 2018

How Analytics Can Help Data Controllers Find Everything They Store On the day that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, faced senators’ questions over his company’s treatment of consumers’ personal data, Rowland Manthorpe wrote in Wired magazine that the Cambridge Analytica scandal had led many...

Trusted Data and Actionable Analytics in Healthcare

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Beth Adams | april 18, 2018

Did you know that real-time feedback about clinical, financial, and administrative metrics can provide extra visibility into the information that is most critical for your organization? And once you have that visibility, then your firm can maximize their productivity and effectiveness. We have...

#Data4Good: How Our Customers Are Using Data and Analytics for Community Benefit

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| april 17, 2018

At a recent Gartner Summit, Cindi Howson discussed how organizations can leverage their data to impact society and create a “data for good” culture. The premise was that consumers are increasingly buying from companies with a culture of doing good in the world and in their communities and whether...

Understanding How Your Customers Pay, and Why It Matters

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Jon M. Deutsch | april 16, 2018

According to a recent CapGemini survey, cashless digital payments transactions were anticipated to grow 20% from 2015-2017, continuing a torrid generational pace led by cards, mobile wallets, person-to-person mobile payments and cryptocurrencies. Looking forward, a 2018 survey of young adults...

The True Measure of Success

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Melissa Treier | april 12, 2018

Swisher International Names Information Builders as its 2017 Technology Partner of the Year I love hearing customers talk about their triumphs and victories, especially when they also give us candid insight into the hurdles they had to overcome along the way. Let’s face it: all technology...

Leveraging Operational Intelligence for Proactive Insights, Part 2

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Lyndsay Wise | april 10, 2018

Part 1 of this series discussed the way technology and its adoption are shifting within organizations. Now, business intelligence (BI) and analytics are much more flexible and can adapt to a variety of business needs beyond simple reporting, dashboards, advanced analytics, etc. Storage options, the...

What the Data Says… About the Final Four

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Kyle Corcoran | maart 30, 2018

As March comes to a close, so too does the NCAA basketball tournament. This year, March Madness has certainly lived up to its name – there have been numerous upsets, games coming down to the final shot, and brackets being crumbled up since the opening weekend (including my own when my predicted...

5 Cool Things you can do with the WebFOCUS BUE Free Trial

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Andy McCartney | maart 30, 2018

Perhaps you have signed up for a WebFOCUS BUE 14 day trial and would like to experiment with the product? BUE (Business User Edition) is a limited version of the full WebFOCUS BI and Analytics platform, designed for smaller groups of business analysts and users. There are a wealth of data...