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Andy McCartney is the director of product marketing at Information Builders, responsible for the development and delivery of WebFOCUS go-to-market strategies, establishing differentiation, positioning and messaging, and building demand and market awareness of the company’s BI and analytics products.
Andy is a fanatical marketing and analytics strategist and practitioner – with 25 years in the high tech industry with software vendors and marketing agencies in Europe and North America. Originally based in London, Andy started his career as an applications developer, before moving into pre-sales, product management and product marketing. For the last 20 years he has focused on marketing strategy, planning, execution and enablement with bases in New York and Atlanta, GA.
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The Link Between Performance and Adoption – and How Enterprise Usage Management Can Help

april 17, 2018

Adoption rates for business intelligence (BI) and analytics remain alarmingly low, hovering at around 32 percent according to Gartner’s Cindi Howson. Many organizations have yet to reap the...

5 Cool Things you can do with the WebFOCUS BUE Free Trial

maart 30, 2018

Perhaps you have signed up for a WebFOCUS BUE 14 day trial and would like to experiment with the product? BUE (Business User Edition) is a limited version of the full WebFOCUS BI and Analytics...

Come on Data, Show Me Love!

februari 12, 2018

Is your organization generating some love from your data this Valentine’s Day? Data analytics has the potential to shower an organization with much more than a bouquet of roses this February – if...

Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #4 Make Sure Your Data Is Trustworthy

januari 24, 2018

Insights are only as good as the underlying data that supports them. Bad information leads to bad analytics that ultimately result in bad decisions. That’s why optimizing data accuracy, completeness...

Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #5 Don’t Forget Your Customers

januari 16, 2018

Welcome to the final installment in this blog adoption series. It has been an interesting journey, exploring the many reasons why and how organizations do (and don't) execute data-driven business. If...

Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #3 Pay Attention to Performance

januari 10, 2018

Our third way to increase adoption and encourage your users to embrace business intelligence (BI) and analytics is to ensure that the speed, scalability, and reliability of your environment is...

Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #2 Choose a Unified Platform

januari 02, 2018

As we start 2018 with renewed enthusiam and consider new and better ways to operate, here is the second recommendation for enabling more data driven business in your organization: Implement a unified...

Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #1 Know Your Users

december 20, 2017

Previously, I introduced the importance of high adoption in business intelligence (BI) and analytics environments (read here), and shared some of the reasons why organizations may experience low...

Blog Series: How to Boost Adoption of BI and Analytics

december 15, 2017

We are often asked about the reason why business intelligence (BI) and analytics (BIA) adoption appears to have hit the proverbial wall. Analysts estimate the active use of BIA to be between 20...

A New Release of WebFOCUS Brings Usability and Workflow Innovations

november 20, 2017

We are all really excited about this next version. Although it might appear to be a point release, WebFOCUS 8.2.02 takes a huge leap forward in usability, innovation, and business user-friendly...