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Product Marketing Manager
Beth Adams is a Product Marketing Manager at Information Builders with a focus on externally-facing activities for the iWay family of products (Data Integrity – MDM, Data Quality, Data Governance; Data Integration: Real Time, ETL, Big Data, A2A), and for helping drive their vision and strategy. Prior to Information Builders, Beth spent over 15 years in information technology marketing, specializing in product marketing, content creation, lead generation, online marketing and tactical sales support. Connect with Beth on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter at @badamsnj.

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Don’t Be Reactive, Be Predictive

mei 16, 2018

Predictive maintenance is important when your organization is trying to save money. Why? Because the cost of proactively avoiding breakdown is much cheaper than fixing a machine that is already...

New! Omni-Gen for Supplier

mei 09, 2018

Businesses need a broad view of their vendors and suppliers and those relationships with the business in order to operate at maximum efficiency. For example: Supply-chain departments must ensure on...

How Your Organization Can Effectively Use Data – in Five Steps!

april 25, 2018

Individual departments, corporate headquarters, and functional employees can use data to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, enhance data governance processes, and more. To be able to...

Trusted Data and Actionable Analytics in Healthcare

april 18, 2018

Did you know that real-time feedback about clinical, financial, and administrative metrics can provide extra visibility into the information that is most critical for your organization? And once you...

Data Spring Cleaning

maart 20, 2018

Spring cleaning is a rite of passage. Whether it’s your home, your car, or place of work, it’s a good idea to have a “reset” each year. Once you clean, you can eliminate dirty items from piling...

Information Builders Drives Healthcare Transformation at #HIMSS18

maart 01, 2018

Every year at HIMSS, attendees are given a tremendous opportunity to learn from healthcare’s top experts. This year will prove no different as clinicians, executives, vendors, and IT professionals...

The Data Integration Evolution

februari 22, 2018

Data Integration as compared with other data topics seems, well less exciting. However, it is absolutely essential when it comes to effective management of your data assets. Think about it....

The Data Quality Maturity Model (Infographic)

februari 08, 2018

You may know that improvements in data quality lead to reduced costs, increased sales, increased performance, better customer engagement, and better business decisions. Let’s examine how, by looking...

New Healthcare Product, Website

januari 16, 2018

I’m happy to let everyone know that, in conjunction with our software product line Omni-HealthData, we now have a new website at You can read the full press release here. Let me...

Contextualization: What Is It, and How Does It Help You Manage Big Data?

november 30, 2017

“Contextualization” means adding related information to big (or any) data in order to make it more useful. Patterns, trends, and correlations only stand out against a background of context. When you...