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Bob Jude Ferrante is Business GM and Senior Architect for Performance Management at Information Builders, Inc in NYC. Bob is a 19-year veteran at IB during which he has managed products for UX, Performance Management, mobile & wireless, distribution technology, OLAP, and Desktop. During his tenure, Mr. Ferrante has been instrumental in developing and positioning applications built with Information Builders technologies.

5 WORST Performance Management Practices!

februari 15, 2017

To run our organization, we devise a strategy. It tells us what to watch, what to change, and what to leave alone, so we know how to succeed. Our strategy meeting is a chance to discuss strategy...

Ask the Experts Series: What is MuniView?

augustus 01, 2017

As a city manager, building relationships and trust among citizens, local businesses, and regulatory departments is key. And in order to do this successfully you need to position your city as an open...