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Vice President, Product Marketing
Jake Freivald is the Vice President of Product Marketing for Information Builders. In this position, Jake is responsible for strategic and product-level messaging, content creation for digital marketing, and related requirements for press and analyst relations. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1991.

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A Business Perspective on MDM and Process Integration

februari 02, 2011

Recently, right before we launched the blog, SearchDataManagement editor Mark Brunelli published an interview of Forrester Research’s Rob Karel titled, “Expect a greater focus on MDM and business...

20/20 Vision and Strategic Differentiation

februari 03, 2011

“20/20 vision” is nominal performance for human sight: Some people are better, some worse, but most people are pretty close – and when we say someone has 20/20 vision, we usually mean they see pretty...

The Mobile BI Revolution

februari 02, 2011

It’s coming, we’re told. Huge numbers of executives are getting iPads. Everyone already has a Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid. They expect to be able to do BI on those platforms. I couldn’t agree more....

Let's Talk About Making Your Systems Talk

februari 02, 2011

When non-technical people ask me what Information Builders does, I tell them we make systems talk. When systems talk to each other, that’s integration, or our iWay Software product line; when they...

Behemoths and "Business-Driven"

februari 02, 2011

Over at InformationWeek, Bob Evans tells us about the slug-fest between IBM and Oracle for dominance in the "most-powerful systems on the planet" market. [W]hat Oracle and IBM are engaged in is a...

Quick Doesn't Have To Mean Dirty

februari 02, 2011

BI software providers always talk about how fast their implementation times are, how fresh their data is, and how swiftly you can get value from their projects: Everything’s fast fast fast. I talk...

Data Governance as a One-Time Effort?

februari 04, 2011

Loraine Lawson at ITBusinessEdge caught my eye with a post called, "Data Governance in Silos? Bad Idea." I love the title. We have to constantly fight the idea that data cleansing is something that...

Thoughts from TDWI

februari 18, 2011

TDWI held a great event in Las Vegas this week. Here are a few thoughts that struck me: People are hungry for use cases. For instance, if you mention "Pervasive BI", a lot of them will indicate...

Notes regarding today's SAP announcements

februari 23, 2011

Today's BI4 announcement was interesting and worthwhile listening. When SAP speaks, everyone should listen -- but not without a healthy dose of skepticism. ---- For example, listen to them when...

What Do We Know About Knowledge Workers?

maart 15, 2011

Over at InformationWeek, Rajan Chandras attempts to rebut the assertion of economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman that manual laborers are less likely to become unemployed than knowledge...