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With 28 years of experience at both IBM and Information Builders, James leads insurance executive visioning and solution design efforts concentrating on our North American Insurance business. Leveraging prebuilt insurance business warehouse applications and custom work to implement solutions that span all areas of: customer facing, channel facing, marketing, underwriting, pricing, reserving, claims, operations, and finance for a broad range of insurers. They require strong technical / project capabilities in BI, predictive, integration, data management often applied together and with strong insurance expertise.

Kicking off the Analytics for Insurance Conference

maart 25, 2015

Information Builders is at the Analytics for Insurance Conference and Expo this week in Chicago, and the event is off to a great start. The show floor is filled with insurance professionals from all...

What Payers Missed at World Health Care Congress April 7-9th in D.C.

april 16, 2014

The first and last sessions at the World Health Care Congress in D.C. last week were bookends, focussing on repeating the traditional tussle of the two political parties’ talking points, and ending...