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Jeff Hendrickson has more than 25 years of design experience, propelled by his love of the intricate details that make people happy and productive. For the past 15 years he has been a User Experience Designer and Data Visualization strategist. Before joining Information Builders, where he is currently the Director of UX & Visual Strategy, Jeff Hendrickson worked as a contractor in an R&D lab for the Defense Intelligence Agency. It was there that he started a Data Visualization practice that helped the DIA’s top analysts decrease their lead time by over 60%. Alongside his tasks of pushing innovation and UX strategy in analytics applications, he supports all Information Builders product divisions, the education department, and works alongside sales SEs and managers on UX and UI design challenges.

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Think UX Isn’t Crucial to Your BI Success? Think Again.

maart 28, 2016

First, Consider this BI Definition Business Intelligence, or BI, is the practice of finding and using data to analyze a business, from quantitative measures like dollars and units, to qualitative...

UX Design 101: Context in BI and Analytics Design

augustus 22, 2016

What’s the Context, Dude? The first question I ask the stakeholder when starting any new UX research and design project is: "What’s the context?" If that question can’t be answered, I know there’s...

Content Strategy vs Design Strategy: How They Differ and How to Implement for Success

februari 16, 2017

Content Strategy is a function of your UX design work. It has nothing to do with UI.  At this point in the project, we're deciding what to expose in our application – full stop. We aren'...

Design Thinking and UX Immersive

juli 05, 2017

Information Builders Summit has come and gone for another year and I was very proud and honored to be a part of it. This year we changed things up a bit.  Instead of me presenting my thoughts,...

UX in the Trenches: What Do We Want From Our Users?

juli 18, 2017

What do we want from our users? Do we want things we can understand? Yes…and no. If we can create an atmosphere and spirit of trust with our user in the interview session - the beginning of...

UX in the Trenches – On-site and On Target

oktober 27, 2017

We’ve Been Busy So Let’s Catch Up Since the closeout of our three part series on UX and Design Thinking for BI Applications we’ve worked with a hospital, an insurance company, a major international...