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Vice President, Global Head of Financial Services
Jon M. Deutsch is Vice President and Global Head of Financial Services at Information Builders. Throughout his 25-year career of executive leadership he has helped financial services customers implement analytic systems and data management solutions to improve operations, product development, sales, and marketing.

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Accelerating the Path to GDPR Compliance

februari 07, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts every organization that touches the European Union, and according to a recent PWC survey, more than half of U.S. multinational companies say GDPR is...

Driving Profitable Growth in Insurance Through Data and Analytics

november 29, 2017

Insurance executives can’t drive profitable growth if they don’t have the right business insights. The good news is that the insurance industry enjoys an abundance of data – albeit distributed across...

Driving Healthcare Improvements through Better Use of Data

november 14, 2017

Earlier this month, healthcare leaders gathered at U.S. News’ Healthcare of Tomorrow conference to discuss a number of industry trends—including the use of data analytics to drive change. According...

Accelerating Data-Backed Insights in the Financial Services Sector

oktober 30, 2017

The financial services sector is rife with data that, if mined and analyzed, can help institutions identify trends, locate opportunity, improve processes, reduce cost, and deliver a more attractive...

Drive Profitability and Customer Satisfaction with Analytics and Data Management

april 25, 2017

Retailers are facing tough times. Earnings, surveys, and forward-looking financial indicators illustrate the challenges. Headlines broadcast those storefronts or chains closing due to online...

Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Clinical Data

februari 22, 2017

We are in the midst of HIMSS 2017 in Orlando and it’s clear why this event is the largest, most anticipated healthcare information conference, year after year. There’s so much to learn and experience...

Customers in the News: Amerisure and Information Builders’ Evolving Relationship

februari 03, 2017

Information Builders gets really excited about the work and collaboration our customers exhibit in their quest to optimize the value of their data. Most recently featured in Insurance Networking News...

All Eyes On Retail: What Does #NRF17 Have in Store For the Analytics Industry?

januari 12, 2017

Next week, retailers of all shapes and sizes will converge upon New York City for “Retail’s BIG Show,” also known as #NRF17. This year’s event boasts over 3,300 retailers from 94 countries, more than...

The Keys to Business Performance in the Insurance Industry

december 12, 2016

Information Builders intimately understands the role of information in developing competitive advantage and delivering underwriting profitability in the insurance industry. We help insurers transform...

Healthcare and Law Enforcement: A Win-Win Partnership

december 08, 2016

It’s always gratifying to hear from happy customers – especially in an intimate context such as the 2016 Healthcare and Law Enforcement Analytics Symposium that we recently hosted in Ontario. This...