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Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Corcoran is the chief marketing officer for Information Builders. With more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry, he is responsible for working with the executive management team to develop and communicate corporate and product strategy. During his career, Michael has played key roles in the development and acquisition of major technologies, including business intelligence (BI), integration middleware, Internet technology, data warehouse, application development, and expert systems. Michael is a frequent speaker at industry and financial investor conferences and has lectured at the Yale School of Management, Columbia University, University of Michigan, New York University, and St. John’s University.

Mobile Computing Re-kindles An Old Dilemma

maart 01, 2011

Platform independent software:  It is the dream of the IT executive in any sizeable company and it has always been the software development mantra here at Information Builders.  While the...

Data Is the New Diamond

juli 17, 2012

An engagement ring traditionally is a sign of love and long-term fidelity. If you want the business equivalent – loyal customers who wouldn't dream of going elsewhere – then data is the new diamond....

Analysts Agree: We’re a Rock in a Sea of Uncertainty

november 04, 2015

If you’re comparing BI and analytics vendors right now, you know how noisy and confusing the market is. There are traditional BI vendors, new data discovery vendors promising self-service nirvana,...

The Innovation Sessions: Lessons from 7 Leaders

maart 28, 2016

Well known author and management consultant Meg Wheatley once wrote, "Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections; from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or...

The Internet of Things Uncovers the Value of Big Data

september 27, 2017

Analytic Applications Focused on Connected Machines, Sensors, and Personal Devices Can Operationalize Insights and Monetize Data Big data initiatives in most organizations have been largely...