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Dr. Rado Kotorov is vice president of Product Marketing for Information Builders and works both with the Business Intelligence and the iWay product divisions to provide thought leadership, analyze market and technology trends, aid in the development of innovative product roadmaps, and create rich programs to drive adoption of BI, analytics, data integrity, and integration technologies. He strives to make BI and business analytics more accessible, intuitive, and collaborative through the adoption of innovative Web 2.0, advanced visualization, predictive modeling, search, and mobile technologies. Prior to his current role, Dr. Kotorov, was executive director of Strategic Product Management and Competitive Strategy. Active Technologies, InfoAssist, Magnify, RStat, Enable, Mobile Favorites, and the BI Portal are just a few of the products that have been developed and launched by his team.

Dr. Rado Kotorov has a Ph.D. in Decision and Game Theory, and institutional economics from Bowling Green State University. He has also published various papers and articles on business processes, emerging technologies, intellectual property rights, CRM, KM, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Reflections on Innovations

februari 22, 2011

Innovation is the buzzword today.  Government officials, executives, management gurus, scientists, teachers, and others all point to innovation as a key component in solving numerous personal...

Business as a Battlefield—Are Your Troops Armed?

februari 25, 2011

The Baltimore Sun had an interesting article recently on a new breed of business consulting: Companies that use historic battlefields to illustrate the challenges facing today’s enterprises....

IBM CEO’s Bold Message on Innovation!

maart 11, 2011

In my previous posting I used history to point to the four critical factors of innovation: (1) ongoing change and adaption, (2) competitive vigilance, (3) creativity, and (4) execution to scale. But...

New Trends in Predictive Analytics

maart 28, 2011

I just came back from the Predictive Analytics World conference held in San Francisco, which was attended by 500 people – a significant increase in attendees to a conference that typically draws...

The Implosion of Mobile Devices and How Businesses Can Cope With It

april 18, 2011

The invention of the iPhone and the recent implosion of new mobile devices and competing operating systems provide strong evidence that the diffusion of innovation occurs with a bursting pattern....

Why BlackBerry May Not Lose the Tablet Market

april 26, 2011

When RIM invented mobile email, the BlackBerry device became such the symbol of mobility and 24/7 connectedness that some people likened its addictive appeal to calling it a “CrackBerry”. ...

Strategic Intelligence for CFOs, Finance Directors, Controllers and Treasurers

mei 10, 2011

Forward Looking Analysis and Insights with Predictive Analytics A recent Accenture survey indicates that today only 60% of major decisions are based on analytics, while 40% are based on intuition....

How real should real-time BI be?

mei 23, 2011

Why is real-time BI suddenly such a hot topic?  Is it real, or is it hyped? The proponents claim that real-time BI is the next stage in the evolution towards faster and better decision making in...

Flash or No Flash on the iPad: Does It Really Matter Anymore?

juni 01, 2011

Remember the battle between Apple and Adobe over Flash?  For many web developers, it seemed as though Steve Jobs had declared war on Flash right from the start.  Jobs claims that, in the...

End User Resistance to Change

juli 11, 2011

A few IT professionals recently asked me why employees are so attached to old tools, and so hesitant to embrace new ones.  This resistance to change frequently forces IT staff to maintain legacy...