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Terri White is Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Information Builders. In this role, Terri manages marketing programs, digital marketing, editorial and design services to ensure brand integrity and grow the business. Terri graduated from the Ohio State University with a BSBA in Finance. She is passionate in exploring how consumerization and the technology mega-trends of mobile, social, cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence are impacting enterprise software and data ethics. She's also committed to mentoring female leaders, an infinite learner of B2B marketing strategies, and has a rock and roll heart. After living in England for five years, she now resides in New York City.

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Innovation, Baby: This Is Not the Time to Play It Safe

februari 14, 2018

The digital shift. It’s got the world’s biggest brands wobbling a bit. Some have toppled right over. To stay upright and relevant, organizations from every industry must redefine their strategy in a...

What the Data Says...About the Winter Games

februari 09, 2018

The beginning of the Winter Games is almost upon us – are you as excited as we are? As you know, we here at Information Builders love data! So, to get ready for 17 exhilarating days of competition,...

Behind the Scenes of Information Builders’ Website Launch

november 27, 2017

I’m wearing two hats writing this blog post: my always-festive marketing sombrero and my new Information Builders employee purple beret. We’ve just launched our newly redesigned website and I couldn’...

On Tour with Actionable Analytics

september 21, 2017

I like to say that data is a verb. It’s not static, it flows. When it’s working for you, it creates insights that drive decisions that cause change and propel your organization toward its full...

Thousands of Experiences: Summit 2017, Thursday

juni 08, 2017

I’ve been summing up each Summit day so far with a theme. Day 1 started with connections. Day 2 touched on inspiration, and today, Day 3 is all about interaction.   At its core, Summit has 140+...

Stories About Data and Analytics: Summit 2017, Wednesday

juni 07, 2017

Yesterday we talked about the role of data, analytics, people and machines being increasingly connected. Today we really drilled down into the opportunities that arise because of those connections,...

Living in a Connected World: Summit 2017, Tuesday

juni 06, 2017

We’ve gone deep into the heart of data for Summit 2017. Sundance Head, winner of the Voice Season 11, started us off with a few songs this morning. He’s a little bit country. A little bit something...

Blog Series: Why I Came Back to Information Builders

mei 22, 2017

At Information Builders, we know our employees are happier and more productive when working in an environment that is supportive, engaging, and tech-passionate. This type of culture has also been the...

Summit 2017: Going Deep in the Heart of Data

februari 15, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce the round-up of exciting and informative sessions that will take place at our educational event of the year: Summit 2017, June 5-8 in Grapevine, Texas. Whether you’re...

What the Data Says…About Presidential Inaugurations

januari 19, 2017

Did you know, since 1937, Inauguration Day has always taken place on January 20th following a presidential election? Throughout the 2016 election, we shared lots of interesting U.S. election-related...