iWay Software: Part of Information Builders' Core Solutions

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We've moved all our iWay Software content to the Information Builders website, because iWay represents our technology offerings for information integration and integrity.

Now it's easier to find:

iWay Integration Solutions

iWay Integration Solutions work on any platform, interoperate with proprietary technologies as well as industry standards, support more than 300 database and application adapters, and lay the foundation for a real-time, integrated enterprise.

iWay Integrity Solutions

iWay Integrity Solutions integrate, enrich, and transform data into relevant, timely, and usable information. Better manage data assets to cut costs, reduce risk, achieve compliance, and improve business performance.

And iWay Software solutions work hand in hand with our WebFOCUS Intelligence products. With these three core competencies – integration, integrity, and intelligence – the most critical parts of your information strategy can work together. Find out more on our products page.