Smarter Decisions for Everyone

WebFOCUS 8 from Information Builders is the industry's most comprehensive business intelligence (BI) platform. Our latest release helps organizations deliver information and analytics to the widest range of users.

With WebFOCUS 8, Information Builders expands its position as the leader in providing BI solutions for large-scale, customer-facing, and third-party partner initiatives. WebFOCUS 8 delivers many new rich capabilities, and integrates the four critical elements for smarter decision-making: business intelligence, performance management, advanced analytics, and data integrity.

Comprising upwards of 1,000 new features and product enhancements, WebFOCUS 8 was heavily influenced by Information Builders' customer-centric philosophy. WebFOCUS 8 offers the most proven ROI, the lowest cost of ownership, and is the most complete, usable, and integrated BI platform, promoting:

  • Smarter, consistent, and more accurate decision-making at every level
  • A proactive business culture driven by performance and awareness
  • Interactive online relationships with customers
  • Delivery of richer information, analytics, and performance metrics to everyone

Business Intelligence

WebFOCUS 8 expands the reach and capabilities of business intelligence to deliver rich, real-time, consumable, customizable, interactive information to the widest audience possible. It helps all users at all levels make smarter decisions by providing extensive role-based customization and personalization options for its BI portal, dashboard, and end-user solutions; more capabilities in its end-user tools and application development environment; and integration with iWay CEP Enable to deliver true, real-time dashboards and automated business processes.

Performance Management

WebFOCUS 8 boasts a new integrated version of our Performance Management Framework (PMF), which introduces new concepts for measuring risk alongside performance. Business managers will find the PMF capabilities in WebFOCUS 8 more powerful, intuitive, and easy to use with animated, dynamic Adobe® Flex® charts, gadget integration capabilities, and PMF's new Dashboard Designer.

Advanced Analytics

Visual Discovery provides in-memory, visual analytics and can leverage the 64-bit architecture of desktop computers to represent more than 100 million rows of data in interactive visual displays. RStat is a predictive modeling and scoring solution that includes a graphical user interface (GUI) front end to the R library of statistical functions from the R Systems open source project, which is maintained by a worldwide consortium of universities.

Data Integrity

The WebFOCUS platform now has tools for cleansing, enriching, and merging and matching data sets. WebFOCUS 8 is the first BI platform to integrate real-time data profiling, data quality management, and master data management capabilities for measuring and managing your data's quality, consistency, and integrity. Real-time extract, transform, and load (ETL) enhancements as well as full integration with real-time data adapters and iWay Data Quality Center are also included.

Security – OWASP-Certified and More

Information Builders continues to meet the security requirements of federal, public, and customer-facing web-based BI applications by participating in Information Assurance certifications and being a member of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), for which WebFOCUS has achieved Application Security Verification Level 3 certification in an independent security audit. WebFOCUS is also third-party certified as 508-compliant.