A Shift: From Industry Analysis to Supporting Strategy and Business Value

Lyndsay Wise september 05, 2017

Working as an industry analyst for the last 12 years has been a privilege. When I started, I didn't know that being an industry analyst was a valid career path and told myself that I would re-... tonen

Don’t Be Reactive, Be Predictive

Beth Adams mei 16, 2018

Predictive maintenance is important when your organization is trying to save money. Why? Because the cost of proactively avoiding breakdown is much cheaper than fixing a machine... tonen

Information Builders Talks Financial Services in Boston

Jon M. Deutsch april 20, 2015

Information Builders is heading to Boston this week. No, we’re not running the marathon; we’re heading to the... tonen

What do Seinfeld and Big Data have in common?

Dan Grady juli 30, 2014

The recent celebration of the 25th anniversary of the hit series Seinfeld got me to thinking, what can a self-proclaimed "show about nothing" have in common with the all-... tonen

The data impact of smart metering

James Cotton april 21, 2014

Smart meters are the next generation of utility meters, giving consumers and energy companies much greater insight into electricity and gas usage.

They are primary examples of the much... tonen

Data monetization: Are you sitting on a goldmine?

Anoma van Eeden januari 08, 2014

Companies like Facebook and LinkedIn make their money from the value of their data. Through the richness of consumer information that they have, targeted advertising to their databases is in high... tonen