Boosting Adoption Blog Series: #4 Make Sure Your Data Is Trustworthy

Andy McCartney januari 16, 2018

Insights are only as good as the underlying data that supports them. Bad information leads to bad analytics that ultimately result in bad decisions. That’s why optimizing data accuracy,... tonen

Why Is BI and Analytics Adoption Still So Low?

Andy McCartney augustus 11, 2017

I read a blog last week by Cindi Howson at Gartner, who was considering why business intelligence (BI) adoption is still so low at 32 percent of employees (Cindi's blog ... tonen

Natural Language Generation: Analytics Replacement or Additional Layer?

Andy McCartney november 21, 2016

Whether you realize it or not, you will have consumed content created by a computer running natural language generation algorithms and software. Have you ever wondered how some articles or reports... tonen

Worst Practices in BI #3: Underestimating the Importance of Data Preparation

Andy McCartney oktober 07, 2016

Avoiding Worst Practice #3: Underestimating the Importance of Data Preparation

Our third... tonen

Worst Practices in BI #1: Depending on Humans to Operationalize Insights

Andy McCartney september 22, 2016

Avoiding Worst Practice #1: Depending on Humans to Operationalize Insights


Top 5 Worst Practices in BI and How to Avoid Them

Andy McCartney september 19, 2016

Welcome to the first blog in a new series that considers the worst practices in BI and analytics, and how to avoid them.


Facebook Stats Show Who’s Got Game in NBA Playoffs

Dan Grady mei 14, 2014

The NBA playoffs are in full swing and many fans are already calling 2014 the best year ever. A number of playoff records have already been set and we haven't yet finished the second round. ... tonen

Eye on Performance

Kathleen Moran april 12, 2011

We frequently showcase Information Builders customers in case studies and press releases, not just to acknowledge their work but so other customers can learn from their experience. Every WebFOCUS... tonen